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The Equ Symbol

The EQU - Equality Over All
by Jim Marcus

This symbol can be used by artists and craftspeople to denote a piece of art, good, service, or tool that is made specifically to reflect the ideals of sincere equality. It states that the attached is pro-women, pro-lgbtq, pro-immigrant, pro people of color, and in support of the dignified treatment of people no matter what their needs, origins, capabilities, and demographics are.

It can be hand drawn, illustrated in color, made out of various materials, or knocked out, demonstrating the variety of the human experience. It reinforces the idea that the goal of equality and inclusion is to make all of us stronger through the acceptance of the “other” and celebration of new ideas, new experiences, and critical evaluations of the world from different perspectives.

It should also serve as a warning to people who are made uncomfortable by radical inclusion and are unwilling to see the world, at times, through the eyes of the “other” that this work may not be something that feels right to them.

One of our goals here is to provide a tool that lets people know where artists stand, even if every one of their lyrics, pieces of art etc. don’t always scream it out every second. This symbol, the Equ, gives you a way to be as subtle or as loud as you want.

you can find a vector version of it as well as this document at: http://bit.ly/2ffwSEe

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